About Fifty Ten Travel

fifty ten travel

We are a community on a mission to visit all 50 United States and 10 or more countries.

Our time frames and methods are all different, but our spirit of adventure is the same.

About Our Head Writer

Hello! You can call me, 50/10_Gallivanter#1.

Here is a little about me and my goal for the 50/10 Travel Website Community.

As you can assume, I love travel. As I am starting this blog, it is in the middle of a global Covid pandemic. It has been a tough year for those of us with perpetual wanderlust. However, we are getting creative and still seeing places – just in a much different way.

50 State Family Travel

I travel and write with my family of four (myself, my husband and my two kids) + one dog (Bouvier des Flanders- who often gets left with a Rover sitter). We started our 50/10 Travel Goal as a family when my second kid was born. We want to see 50 states by the time our girls both graduate from high school, and 10 countries together before they are 25. As of now, 2021, that gives me 23 or so years to get it all done.

We live in the Midwest, and have mostly focused in our early travel days on bringing the girls to places we can drive to (or fly direct to). I am trying to save some of the more glorious trips (like Disney perhaps?) to later days when my youngest child will be able to remember most of them.

Fifty Ten Travel Blog Focus

For the most part, we feature travel articles that are focused on family travel. However, we also have itineraries that are for couples or single travelers without children. My husband and I have been leaving the kids out of our Europe adventures so far. They will join us when they are a bit older.

50 State Travel with Kids!

Our articles showcase fun-filled itineraries detailed with food, sights and experiences. If you are planning on seeing all 50 states, you need to focus on the most fun for your time and bang for your buck in each state. We help you find that!

Let’s get gallivanting!

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