How to Occupy a Toddler on a Plane or Road Trip

Need some help keeping your kids happy on a trip? Here’s how to occupy a toddler on plane or how to occupy a toddler on a long road trip.

Long trips with children used to be filled with horror stories of siblings fighting, young children getting bored and kids asking a mind numbing amount of questions with most of them being a variation of “are we there yet?” Now, we live in the age of technology. We have access to some amazing tools to occupy kids and toddlers on long trips.

These tools can even be educational, which means you can have a peaceful, and guilt free trip.

Video Apps

Most planes today have in-flight wi-fi and many car are coming out with wi-fi. You may also be able to launch a mobile hotspot on your cell phone so you can keep wi-fi going on long trips, as long as you have service of course. For most streaming apps you will need some form of wi-fi, but there are other apps that provide videos without wi-fi.


PBS KIDS Video Mobile Downloads | PBS KIDS

This is one of my favorite apps for my kids. It provides educational and popular shows, such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Super Why, Wild Kratts, and so many more popular shows and videos. You can stream Live TV, and you can download shows for on the go. The app is easy to use for young toddlers, which makes it easy to keep them entertained without having to help them find the play button or a new show. PBS is known for its educational content and lesson-based shows.


Disney+ | Stream the best of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. (

If you already have a Disney+ subscription for you TV, then you can download the app and enjoy the streaming service on your mobile phone or tablet. Kids of all ages will enjoy being able to watch their favorite Disney movies and shows while having to sit on a boring plane. Just make sure you have access to wi-fi. If you don’t have the subscription service, it’s a relatively cheap subscription of only $6.99 a month.


GoNoodle – Kids Videos – Apps on Google Play

Also, GoNoodle is a great streaming app that was designed for the classroom for kids 4 to 10 years of age. The app provides a ton of engaging videos that are great for at home or on the go. The videos are educational, engaging, and approved by both parents and children. It has a similar set up as youtube but is safe for kids. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that your child is going to find inappropriate videos.

Educational Games and Apps

There are a lot of educational games and apps to play while traveling. Whether you need to occupy a toddler on a plane or while traveling via car, having a variety of apps can help prevent boredom.


PBS KIDS Games Mobile Downloads | PBS KIDS

If your kids love PBS shows, then the PBS Kids Games app is going to be a big hit. These games are ideal for kids ages 2 to 8 years old. The games include all of your kids favorite characters, and the games are education and engaging. This app also doesn’t require any wi-fi, which is great if you don’t want to pay for that in-flight wi-fi or if you lose service while driving.


Khan Academy Kids: Free educational games & books – Apps on Google Play

Next, Khan Academy Kids is a great educational tool and it’s disguised as a fun app. There are engaging games, books, and songs. Having this app will be like having a pre-school or kindergarten teacher with you on the trip. You won’t have to worry about in-app purchases or ads either, allowing you some peace of mind.


 ABC Kids Games – Phonics to Learn alphabet Letters – Apps on Google Play

Your kids can learn their ABC’s and more with this wonderful app. This app does not require wi-fi or service, which is great for traveling. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics, is another app by the same app store. Adding in these education apps for young kids can make learning their ABC’s fun. You can have peace of mind traveling with your toddler while they learn their ABC’s on this perfect travel app.


 ‎Sesame Street Apps on the App Store (

Sesame street offers a ton of great apps for tablets and phones. With games that focus on problem solving in real-life situations, your child will be learning great skills while having fun. If you’re moving, there is the Sesame Street app called “The Big Move.” There is also a special app for Military Families. Many of the apps are also in Spanish. There are so many great things that can be said about these incredible apps and games. If you are wanting a large variety of apps for traveling, the Sesame Street apps will meet your needs.


‎Quick Math Jr. on the App Store (

Quick Math Jr makes learning math fun. Kids are able to design their own character, then there are great games to help them learn the fundamentals of math. With over 100 levels for them to explore and master, the app continues to challenge and grow with your child. You can even connect your child’s progress to your apple watch, allowing you to stay updated without needing to hover, because we know how those three-nangers like their space.

How to Occupy Toddler on Plane Search Ideas

Some other ideas to search for when preparing your device for travel with your child include:

how to travel to all 50 states
  • Roadtrip Bingo – great for staying engaged with your child during a long road trip.
  • Books – download some books that will read aloud
  • Movies/Shows – You can download many movies and shows onto your device, allowing your child to watch movies and shows without service or wi-fi.
  • Racing Games – kids love racing games, and customizable racing games allows them to be creative.

Conclusions on How to Occupy Toddler on Plane or Road Trip

When you are traveling, you should always allow yourself some slack. Letting your children have too much screen time included.

I remember when I had to make an eight hour road trip with just myself and my two kids. It was not something I had planned on doing, but was a last minute necessity. One kid was 2 and the other was 5. If I did not have apps and games loaded and ready, we probably would not have made it.

Cheers to technology, and happy trails to you all!

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